The days of my life
2001-09-02 14:52:02 (UTC)

sucky times

well, I don't know what is wrong with me. In a time that I
should be as happy as a peach, I wish I was dead. I finally
have my own place... well I share it. I have a new job and
new responsibilities and hate it. I have lost all of my
friends except Dave and Scott. I feel so alone and empty. I
just want to sit and cry all of the time. I feel stupid for
whining all of the time. I just can't make myself happy. I
need to call my therapist. Life has just been too hectic. I
wish i could just get away from everything. I want to hide
from everything and everyone for ever. I just don't want to
take part in life anymore. I don't know how to fix this. I
guess I do need help. Someday I might even find the help
that I need. who knows. and if I don't well I guess I will
just be a bitter person. Just what the world needs another
bitter person.
till later.