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2001-09-02 14:43:00 (UTC)

Sweet Misery

I was lost
And you were found
You seemed to stand on solid ground
I was weak
And you were strong
On the rocky road, helped me along,
Sweet misery you cause me
I was blind
But oh, how you could see
You saw the beauty in everything,
everything and me
I would cry
And you would smile
You'd stay with me a little while
And in my heart I see,
What you're doing to me
And in my heart I see,
Just how you wanted it to be
Sweet misery


Even thought you may think I'm hurting and confused, and
even though you may be the same... and even though it might
be over between us, its never over between friends. And
I'll be here for you, and I truely am happy for you. So
call me already!!! I love ya babe.