tick tock goes the clock
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2002-12-24 06:52:41 (UTC)

errrr? LOL

ok so um? well its almost x-mas eve!!!!!!! it sucks to be
sick during the holidays... it makes the mood kinda
wetodded. anywhoo, so like i bought new shampoo today that
smells o so nice! i smell like a freshy picked rasberry!
CAN I GET AN AMEN BITCH!?!?!? i am the walrus!! ok, is it
just me or are poodles cosmically connected to eachother?
hmm, i really wonder!! god bless the children and save
garbage bags for the homeless. they need homes too right??
:( ok well this was pretty hilarious so i guess i will go
back to listening to my ozzy cd! peace out till next time