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2001-09-02 13:00:25 (UTC)

Take Six Bio

Take Six: The Start of a Ska Band

Well in the fall of 1999 Kelli decided that she would
have a ska band. It didn¡¦t work. Having no clue how to
write music and without proper dedication from other band
members, it ended after the first ¡§practice¡¨ in which the
band walked to Wendy¡¦s for some french fries.
Okay so fall of 2000. After some mind opening and
inspirational experiences, a few lessons on how to write
music, and a few weeks at summer camp, Kelli once again
tries to have a ska band. On the first day of school she
meets Katie, another girl that had just gotten interested
in punk/ska music after going to Warped Tour that summer.
Katie played the bass and after the first week they were
both sitting in Spanish 2 scheming about having a band and
getting in trouble for talking constantly. A few okay
practices went by, each one worse than the one before. Two
major problems: No drummer and the singer sucked. So even
though they overcame the sucky singer (replacing him with a
only slightly better Kelli) the band had to end due to
problems finding a steady drummer.
But the scheming didn¡¦t stop. Even though Mrs. Hogan the
Spanish 2 teacher moved Katie and Kelli to opposite ends of
the room, notes kept getting written and the two punk
chicks were determined to have a band. Well the months
passed while Katie practiced and Kelli wrote music. But
never ever did they think the band was over. Finally one
week in April, a few weeks before spring break, Katie and
Kelli thought it would be a good idea to have a band again.
This time they were prepared with some better horn players,
and some new original pieces. But there was still no
drummer, and an only half-dedicated guitarist. ƒ¼ That night
when Kelli went to the movies with her girlfriends, on the
way to meet her trombone player, Robbie, and other trumpet
player, Ben, she saw two guys she had met at summer camp.
Kevin played guitar, and Brandon played drums, and they
both loved punk ska. Well with out even thinking Kelli
walked right up to them and said ¡§Hey you wanna be in a ska
band?¡¨ After an exchange of phone numbers and a few claims
that Kelli had been stalking Kevin (they just seemed to be
going to all the same places) they agreed to have the band,
and bid their adieus.
The next week the band started practicing, and since
then Take Six made a video that was featured on the MCHS
Morning News on April 28, 2001 and Kelli was interviewed on
WQCS 88.9 FM. Take Six has a sight at www.mp3.com/takesix
and the original song ¡§I Don¡¦t¡¨ was 93 out of 10,000¡¦s of
ska songs on mp3.com. Soon after the first few practices
the band added a tenor sax player Kevin #2, who also helps
out on bass when Katie gets grounded.
A few months later the success of the new band was shown
by ¡§I Don¡¦t¡¨ and its appearance on a compilation CD by Kid
Atrim Records. Unfortunately, shortly after being signed
to this company, the band broke up.