Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2002-12-24 05:08:42 (UTC)

My.... Blue Sky

Yeah, my blue sky that's what it is isn't? Anyone can
have something thats free.... thats why I say that since
the sky has no limits, I can have as much of the sky as i
want! :) Ever since I was born, the sky has been the most
beautiful thing in nature I've ever seen. The sky i always
changing.... always taking on new forms, and intimidating
those who think less of it. It has been there ever since
the beginning of time, and life. And, it can also be a
taker of life, and a bringer of death.
Not too bad eh? I thought of that all by myself. I
usually suck at writing moving stories. But anyways,
Christmas is almost here.... so is my birthday. My
grandmother has no money for gifts or anything like we
usually do.... I do feel kind of down knowing that i may
not get anything for Christmas.... or my birthday for that
matter. :( But life goes on I guess. I am very grateful for
just being alive right now. I've been ran over by a
tractor, ran over by a truck (twice), hit in the head with
a pick axe, alomost drowned in our towns river, straggled
to death by a clothes hanger, almost bled to death when I
accidently chopped my foot open with a hatchet need I go
All of these accidents that occured in my past
childhood told me one thing... that I cannot die even if I
tried to kill myself. So you see, I'm happy without gifts,
and I'm used to being alone. Ohh.... alone... I shouln't
have mentioned that just now. See, I've been alone ever
since 7 years ago. Just in my mind though, not in realiy.
And besides, to tell you the truth, I doubt you'd
understand even if I told you. And no, it's not a
depression. And yes, everyone can be alone in their minds
at some time for some time....but like the way I
am. ::sighs:: All in all, I guess the only thing I can say
that would make sense is that I can sense something
dwelling within me.... Yet, something is missing too...
Unfortunatly, I can't tell what those two are, or were yet.
Maybe i just need some more time alone so I can thnk
clearly. (Even though I hate being alone) Well, that's all
for tonight, I'll see you around, late