Private Moments
2001-09-02 12:56:04 (UTC)

hey Is been a while

I know that it's been a while since the last time I wrote
in here..so I have some new news for you.
first of all ...me and alex won't be talking anymore since
he has moved to canada for 2 months. he has called me when
i was online, and when i asked him to hold on for a sec he
said no..so when i put the phone down so i could tell the
people online to hold i came back and alex hung up on me.
but oh well cuz if he's gonna have that kind of an attitude
the forget him.

Now about the new guy that I have met online. his name is
Johnathan and he goes to the same school as me. He sent me
a picture so now I know how he looks..the problem is he is
not my type...as far as looks..and i know that shouldn't
date a guy because of his looks but, I just don't know. he
is very nice and funny which i look for in a guy ..but it's
just his looks that bother me..and i'm not saying that i'm
all beutiful and everthing but i can't picture myself with
a guy like that..well I gotta go cuz that guy i was writing
about just signed his screen name on...gotta go ,..1