Dr-AzraeL's Journal
2001-09-02 11:15:16 (UTC)

Going To The Movies.... " 9-1-01 "

It all started when I planned to go to the movies. I first
invited Wally then Ijak, Jason and Mitchell if they wanted
to go.

It was about 4:45 and everyone said that they could go but
then Wally had to go to TOYS R US first to buy some robot..
cool huh ?, he said he'll be back in about half hour or so
and that he'll call me back as soon as he gets home. So
then I waited... ( BIG MISTAKE ! WHAT A FOOL I WAS... )
Anyway, it was about 5:45 and still no call from Wallace
but instead I got a call from Ijak saying that he was at
church and he might not make it on time or not make it to
the movies because he's gonna get to my house around 7
something and we were planning on going around 5 or alittle
later. I got kind of mad at Ijak cause he was yelling at me
on the phone as if it was my fault for telling him to call
me back in 10 min. and not knowing when we were going, I
didn't know what time that we were going cause we had to
wait for my sister to get to my house and Wally to get to
his house. It was 6:00 and still no call.... Jason and I
was just listening to music and lifting weights while we
were waiting. We Finished about 7 and still no call from my
sister or Wally. I invited Mitchell to come along with us
to the movies, cause I thought Ijak wasn't gonna go and I
was still kind of mad at him for yelling at me on the
phone. Mitchel said he could go. About 10 min. later, Ijak
called my house saying that he's leaving to go to my house.
I was like DAMN !!! cause Ijak called saying that he
couldn't go and I already asked Mitchel that he could go in
replace of Ijak. Of course, all 5 of us can't fit in the
back of a Toyota Corolla. Ijak finaly arrived at my house.
My sister called around 7:20 and said to get ready and that
she's gonna be at my house in about 10 min.. DAMN IT !!
where's WALLY !?! I already told her that we were going
around 5 something and she waited ever since...I didn't
want her to wait any longer and I couldn't wait anyway
cause she was like its now or never. She finaly arived at
my house, I told her that we weren't ready cause I wasn't
ready to go, and Wally wasn't home yet. She got mad and
said that we have to go now !!!! cause her friends were in
Hawaii from the mainland and that she had plans with them.
So I managed to stall another 15min. by ironing my clothes
very slow and talking on the phone to Mitchel and Wally. I
got even more MAD cause I was rushing to get Ready, getting
yelled at by my sister and at the same time stalling for
Wally. What a nice friend I am huh?. I Stalled a good 2
hours and 30 min. I finally got a call from Wally saying
that he can't go !!! I was like... MAN !, WHAT THE
HELL !?!?! cause this wasn't the first time he did this,
this was more like the 100th time !!! Obviously, I was EVEN
MORE PISSED. He said that his sister's Birth-Day was today
and that he went to buy his sister a present at Toys R Us.
I got MAD AGAIN !!! cause I waited 2 hours and 45 min. just
to hear him say I can't go and on top of that my sister was
mad at me for making her wait for me just so that Wally can
go. Wally could have just told me this earliar.. that
idiot !! haha but its alright I guess... I fianly finished
getting ready and off we went to pick up Mitchell. Wally
said to call his house when we were at Mitchell's house
caues he might be able to go. We arived at Mitchell's house
and called Wally in the car on our way to his house and the
movies. He said he might be able to go later. We arrived at
the movies at 8:00. We were planning to watch Jeepers
Creepers and Jay and Silent Bob but it was rated R and were
not 18 yet... We decided to buy the ticket for the movie
The Others cause its a PG13 movie and we can just sneak
into the rated R movies anyway. Jason, Ijak and me bought
our tickets in one line and Mitchell bought his in the
other line cause he knew the worker there. Man that lucky
bastard he got it FREE !!! we tried to sneak into the movie
Jeepers Creepers but there was a worker standing at the
door checking for tickets. We were walking around to find a
movie that we can get into that we never seen and then Ijak
SNAPED again !! haha he was yelling at me and Mitchell !
man what the hell was that all about ? Mitchel was saying
that he had PMS! haha. We finaly found a movie, we wen to
watch Ghost Of Mars. I called Wally's house from Mitchell's
cell to see if he was gonna come, Obviously if its Wally
he's not gonna go... I haven't learned my lesson from
making me wait for him thoughs other times.. haha ! you
guessed it ! he can't go !! The movie was finaly over.
Yay ! Man !, that movie was gay and none of them new how to
act except Ice Cube. The story wasn't even close to good,
it was kind of gross cause there was alot of dead bodies
and stuff like that. what the hell was that all about?
yeah, yeah, yeah another big mistake ! watching that gay
movie... We went into the movie Jay and Silent Bob cause it
was still kind of early, (it was 9:45) I called my sister
to tell her that we were gonna go watch another movie. She
said that if you want a ride home you gotta go home now
cause later she's gonna go somewhere with her friends
again. and if we wanted to watch taht movie we would have
to wait for her to come to pick us up at 2:00 in the
morning.. I told everyone what my sister told me and that
we should go home now. This time it wasn't me who was mad
it was everyone else ! haha! actually we weren't really mad
it was more sad then mad. So we waited out front just
talking about going to the beach on monday and floor show
and stuff like that... my sister finaly came and we off we
went to go home.I told Jason silenty in the car to ask Ijak
where's our change from the movies cause I didn't want Ijak
to hear it and that we paid 10 smackerz and jason paid
$10.50 Ijak only gave me 2 bucks change and Jason nothing.
We were both like where's the rest of our money? Ijak said
that Jason paid for him. I was like no he didn't you didn't
even ask him. Jason agreed with me and he was mad cause he
didn't get his change back and Ijak Stole his change from
the movies to buy his ticket. He didn't even ask us that he
was gonna use the rest of the money to buy his ticket, he
just used it. Jason kind of was argueing with Ijak in the
car about stealing his money. When we droped Mitchel and
Ijak off me and Jason were talking about Ijak being a theif
haha Jason called Ijak a Church Freak That STEALS !! hah.
that was funny when he said that cause before Ijak went to
church every day !!! thats right EVERY DAY !!! and still he
steals? haha. I would think that he wouldn't steal, but I
was wrong... haha. OK, its 12:55am and i'm getting tired
writing about what happened today. wait did i just say
today? I mean yesterday haha. Thats all the memorable
things that happened today and i'm getting tired writing
this stupid entry, so i'll just stop writing in 20 min.

In conclusion..
• Never ever invite Wally to the movies if he says that he
can go and that he'll call you back, he'll just make you
wait and say that he can't go. But its alright!
• Don't trust the ones that go to church every day too,
too well cause they might steal from ya ! haha! nah just
• And last but not lease, Don't ever watch the movie
GHOST OF MARS. Its not worth seeing...

Good Night
Chumps !