Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-09-02 10:08:09 (UTC)

Almost a year

Strange how the time passes. Ive been out almsot a year
now and things have change alot I guess but seems as if not
as much as how much time slipped away.
I was reading tonight when I got home about those days
things Id written this time last year, short timmers desise
me and my boy pony talking late into the night about what
was going to happen when I got out and I wrote of the fear
I had for him and how I had wished he was leaving with me
so Id know he made it out and now a years gone by and just
the other day there was a note saying he called which means
he to is still out.
God I wanna kick this # fuck it would change everything
in my life if I wasnt still on parole. Id definatly have
blondie and Id be saving to move to hawaii next summer
so many more options with out this mother fucker hanging
over me. I did the crime now I gotta do the time I know,
and I fully belive in that saying to but its been a heavy
weight as of lately. thats all for the day I think my heads
sorta fucked up right now.
You know its weird not to know the freedom of this world
mabe to some its of no concern people who live there whole
lives in one spot but I gotta roam I gotta see and feel and
touch things forgien to me and I gotta know the storys of
other places. I need to get back to SO_CAL even if its just
for a short minute or san fran to remember people with
lives and storys and Ideas and some sort of open minds and
leave this hick town of minds with no tolerance or
understanding its rather depressing to hear them speak with
there closed minds thinking they know anything about life
when theyve never even seen a thing.
respect and love