Mr X

secrets of a sex mad teenager
2001-09-02 09:48:23 (UTC)

The "talk"

Sorry I didn't write yesterday my Dad banned me from
the computer.
So heres what happened with Taylor. We all went over to
his house and just sat there we didn't what to say but Will
Will: Tay we are really worried about u, u are acting
Taylor: Don't start this again
Mel: The other day we saw u at Thomas's house what is going
Taylor:How did u know?
Me: we all saw u go in his house
Taylor:Well I suppose its time I told u the truth Thomas
has been tutoring me and I have been going to summer school
Mel: why u got good results at the end of school?
Taylor: Yes but I want to have better than good I want to
become something
Me; Is that what u was going on about when we had a coffee?
Taylor:yes I am sorry I should have told u before
Will; that is okay but I thought u didn't like Gay people?
Taylor: Well I was wrong It is stupid not to like some one
because of that
Mel; Well I am shocked and confused but I am glad u are

Then we went back to normal Wierd !!!!!!!!!