All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2002-12-24 02:35:05 (UTC)

home for the holidays

i'm home! i think i passed all my classes too so score one
for me. went to a hardcore show the other night and it was
incredible. if you get the chance, check out the postman
syndrome. they will rape your ears. my grandma is in the
hospital and i'm at her house right now with my family. a
bunch of my friends and i are gonna get together and have
some fun on the town later. my dad said we could party
here if we run out of options. my first night back from
college was interesting. a couple gi's started some late
night bs with me at taco bell's drive-thru. they kicked my
truck cause they didn't like the upside down american flag
stickers on my tailgate. one of their gf's almost slapped
me in the face too. i'm happy to know we have such mature
and sober boys fighting for our rights. this all occurred,
of course, because i apparently have no respect for those
who are willing to die for our country. this was all
deduced from two little stickers on my truck and not from
any legitimate conversation with me. long story short, i
went down the street and called the cops. ok so i'm a
pansy for doing that but there's no way they'd learn their
lesson from me. i got to see the two towers for free.
show up late for the last showing of a movie and they'll
probably let you in. that movie sucked compared to
fellowship. darcia still hasn't contacted me. its up to
her to do this because i'm through getting a runaround from
her. i'm ready to wave that friendship off. the girl i
like had a biopsy on friday. i hope everything went well
there. i don't miss her too much right now but that'll
grow. christmas is gonna be weird around here. i don't
know why but i can feel it.

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