My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-12-24 02:20:52 (UTC)

finally its almost Christmas 12-23

Wow! I sorta gave up on this thingy for awhile... well
anywho tons has been happening... school is actually going
good for me right now, im glad for that and im also
finishing my rooming stuff for UW Whitewater! Im so excited
for college but way more scared then excited lol friday was
tight! all we did was watch movies and eat in like every
class of mine lol and my friend brandon got me this HUGE
white sparkley eeyore doll from the disney store, the one i
wanted for like EVER! i was really happy lol brandons a
good kid! :-) anywho yea work is fine i guess... our xmas
party yesterday was gay lol oh well i shouldnt have
expected it to be better then last years. the drunk day
crew showed up, THAT was interesting! yea well I got gifts
for a whole shit load of ppl, all the ones i care most
about... brandon wouldnt take the money that was in his
card and i fought with him all night about it until like
1:30 when me, V, justin and him all went home from webbs...
lol he eventually took it and i was happy and stopped
pouting heh... dan called my phone last night (justin
answered lol i was like damnit gimme the phone! and i
tackled him to the ground and then the attenna on the phone
broke off lol) he asked to talk to V and i was like hmmm ok
lol and then i guess he apoligized which was really cool of
him, V apoligized to him too... im so glad cuz damn that
would suck to have two really good friends be pissed at
eachother and we could never hang out, like our bucks game
that we're going to on the 7th yay! hehe I gave dan his
gift at the party... i hope he liked it, it took forever to
make, ok well more like 30-45 mins but still! those little
jewels didnt get glued on by themselves lol justin got his
hats and he wore one and i wore one hehe i got a frickin
Backstreet Boys dvd from Chris!!! i was sooooooooo happy! i
watched it today, man that was the best gift ever lol... i
got a turtle beany baby from amanda lol sooo cute!! this
break so far has been awesome, we hung out with these guys
named steve(yea terrible name huh? so we call him scooby
cuz he loves scooby doo lol) and david... theyre pretty
tight... anywho yea i still have christmas shopping to do!
yea im a procrastinator i know, but i have like no money
left now tho cuz i had to order my contact lenses and that
was 100 bucks and u need to pay before they order so i only
have 20 bucks left :-( ohhh well! Im goin out to eat with
the fam tomorrow night, then idk... i cant wait to open
gifts lol i already know what some are tho cuz i peak hee
hee i need to know so i snoop in the closets before theyre
wrapped lol so i got a pretty blue sweater and a cd waiting
for me under the tree hehe.... yea well i think thats about
all for now....

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