Lil* Black Backpack
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2001-09-02 07:35:44 (UTC)

whats love???

Mann if I only knew how to answer my own ques. I thought I
knew, I really thought I was in love. I dont even think
i've fallen out of love. No one knows what it feel like to
have someone to slip away, when u knew u could have done
something to stop that from happening. Well tomorrow he
comes back down here. Im not sure if even wants to see me
though, I've already written him twice and I havent
recieved ne reply. I hope he will call me when he gets down
here, so I know he atleast made it down here okay. well I
really dont have a lot to say today went by pretty slow,
but I did get to go shopping. That kinda made my day. Well
buh bye!!!!

-luv shelley

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