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2001-09-02 07:11:40 (UTC)

Day 2

hmm..what a nice day. it's all dark and gloomy and all
that. real nice weather to sleep in. im kinda looking
forward to thursday where i'll b doing some volunteer work
for the spca(society for the prevention of cruelty to
animals). im thinkin whether i shld ask aishah along, i know
we are cooling off and all that but i know she's gonna enjoy
taking care of the cats for a day. ask her later then.

sheesh i am hungry, there's nuthin to eat in the kitchen and
my parents are all out and my brothers at my grandma's. i
think ill cook sumthin for myself later or sumthin. i wonder
what all my friends are up to. maybe having sex or
something..hyeh..well i guess im off again to the solitude
of my room.

i miss u aishah...

2nd Sept 2001