Wandering Thoughts
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2001-09-02 06:16:31 (UTC)

September 1st 2001

"Jack Campioni: I acted like an asshole.
Kitt Devereux: Come on, Jack, you weren't acting."

Well, I am so sorry I didn't write yesterday. It was one
of the most emotional days I've had in a long time. I
waited around for Bri and when he finally signed on he said
he was going to get food. He didn't sign on until like
over 3 hours later. And I found out he had gone out with
Melinda. Growl. I can't be with him, but she can?
Well... it's over. I suppose I'm happy he is honest with
me, so i can't be upset. But I just honestly wish they
would end the friendship. I can't stand that they hang
out. Especially when I can't be with him. Today was an
awesome day. I got up and checked out the dining hall.
The food looked pretty decent. I haven't had an appetite,
so all i ate was some fruit and yogurt. I came back and
did some wash and took a shower. My roommate was in the
room when I came back and asked if I wanted to see the Blue
Man Group with her and her family. I agreed. First we
went shopping and I got two new T-shirts. They are very
adorable... I must admit. Next we ate pizza and then
headed to the show. It was sooo kewl. There were all
these black lights, paper, paints. It had everything. It
was funny too. Well I came back to the dorm and my next
door neighbor Channan invited me to go to a frat party put
on by the MIT boys. I went it was fun. I met lotsa people
there and found a hot dancing club. I talked to my goat
when I came back. We gots it all worked out. We are gonna
get married and he's gonna move in with me here. Not
necessarily in that order. I have an idea for free housing
in the summer. Too confusing to explain. Briny is gonna
try to make it out within the next 2 weeks. That would
make me sooo happy. I hope he comes through. Cuz I
doesn't want to get my hopes raised.