Finding my Light
2001-09-02 05:51:07 (UTC)


I am writing you on behalf of yourself to let you know a
little about myself. Well to start with I am a very
friendly girl. I love to get to know people and be able to
joke around with them. My behavior varies with each
person. Some people I am kick back and quiet and in others
I am social and friendly, but when told to I will conclude
my talking and get to work. I usually only have to be told
once to be quiet. My personality is generally of noble
intentions. I try not to worry needlessly and will always
stay by a friend’s side in hours of need. I mostly try to
keep a reasonable point of view and almost never
compromises on quality. I try to look for the best of
people. People generally say that I have a magnetic
personality and I always welcome others with open arms and
a smile. All around I’m very energetic, affectionate, and
mainly live life carefree.
Around people I like to be treated with respect.
I’m nice to a person as long as they’re nice to me. I will
never snap at someone or disrespect him or her unless they
have done something to deserve it. I personally can’t
stand it when people are uptight. Someone I knew was like
that and we never got along. He always got upset with me
because he said I socialized too much and I always said to
him that he needed to take some anti-depressant pills and
smile more.
I’m never the one who liked having all the
attention around me though. Whenever I see the general
attention of people on me I most of the time steer it away
to someone else. I’ve always liked to be second in
command. I don’t care very much to read aloud in class or
during a presentation. Trust me I’m never scared. It’s
just that I don’t like the attention. I’ve never liked
it. The only time I like it when I have everyone’s
attention is when I’m on stage dancing.
My favorite things to do are dancing, writing short
stories, and drawing. I also love to listen to people talk
about their problems. I guess you can also consider that a
skill. I believe that it’s good for people to let out
their anger or frustration. There aren’t a lot of people
out there who will listen and thankfully I’m one of those
few. My parents even joke around that someday I’ll become
a therapist. One thing I’m very interested in are kids.
I absolutely love children! They are a gift from God and
should always be treated with love and compassion.