The many thoughts of Ann
2001-09-02 05:24:00 (UTC)


man school is starting on wednesday. and its already sunday
that means just 3 more days of freedom not including today!
ahhhhhh. man this sucks. i want to go back to my cottage so
bad but that will come so soon enough. wut wont be soon is
going back to camp. and seein jeff which would be so nice.
but that wont happen. aw well. so anyways. i miss everyone
so much and i wanna see everyone from my cottage again it
sucks that we didn;t get to say gooodbye to joe and josh
and ppl like that. exspecially matt and dave well more matt
than dave since i did like him aw well. man i am just
typing shit cuz i just felt like typin something thats the
only reaosn i wanted to use this diary right now. as u may
have noticed i dont realkly have anything to say. aw well
it happens. anywho. i guess i should go now i mean i am
boring my self just typing aw well. i will wrire again later
buh bye
and ya and
man i dont wanna go back to school but i hope to god even
though i know there wont be any but i hope there are some
new hot guys at our school this year., please god please.
PLEASE dammit
alright i will go know
buh bye