this is my life
2001-09-02 05:18:06 (UTC)

:::guys have made me stupid:::

so, ive changed a lot lately. for the worse too. i am so
critical of myself now. i see flaws in my looks that i
never saw before. i used to pride myself on not being one
of those girls who hates the way she looks, and now ive
turned into one. and its all because of my guy problems. i
look at myself in the mirror, and i think i look way too
skinny (im 5'9" and barely 115 pounds) i think my boobs are
too small, my hipbones stick out too much, etc, etc...and i
hate it. i used to never be insecure about how i looked,
and i am now...it sucks.
today was better than the past few days have been. the sun
actually came out, and i went downtown with my best friend
to meet our friend down there. we had a good time. im
feeling better about the situation with fratboy. it still
sucks of course, but i know we had something when he was
here in july. he'd be dumb to not get together with me now,
because i know how much he likes me. so i think eventually
he'll get over his intimacy issues if he knows what's best
for him. if he doesnt, then i guess its his loss.