2001-09-02 05:06:43 (UTC)

Boring; as usual

This afternoon I went with my mom and my sister around
town. It was originally supposed to be just my mom and I,
because Keisha was at work, but she got off work just in
time, and we all went together. We headed down to a baby
store to look for things for Kira. But it ended up we had
already gone there, so we didn't go back. Then we went to
Blockbuster to look for DVD's sinse Kevin (my mom's
boyfriend) got a new DVD player. No success. After that
whole waste of time, we went to City Market. We originally
went for just the basics; milk, bread, etc., but we were
all hungry when we went, so we ended up buying $105 worth
of groceries.
I left for work at 4:45 and got there right on time. I was
on counter for about the first hour, then I went on drive
thru. The new headsets are all wack. It made us mess up on
a bunch of orders. Ralph, one of my coworkers, was supposed
to close tonight, but he didn't want to so he asked me to
close for him. I told him that would be fine. And for some
reason he had to call Megan, his girlfriend, but Mark, my
manager, wouldn't let him use the phone right then. So the
ass walked out! For the second time. And then Mark said
that they didn't need me to close, so I got out of that.
I was hoping that I'd be able to see Justin tonight before
I go to bed, but I don't think that that is going to
happen. I've tried calling his cell, but to no avail. I've
also tried calling Talon's cell, but he's not answering,
and he's not at home. So I don't think that I'm gonna see
him tonight. But who knows, maybe I'll be lucky. Doubtful.
Anyway, I'm expecting a call from my dad, so I'm gonna end
this session of rambling and get offline. G'Nite.
Love, Shelby