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2002-12-23 17:56:27 (UTC)

Wow. (Notice the Enthusiasm)

Hey everyone. This is my first time here, first time ever
posting an online journal, first time putting thoughts
online...i think i started this cus i was bored.
anyway...time to get interesting...
i have a webpage on AOL...it has a really cool song that i
wrote...but...i cant seem to find it :(
my doctors think i have GAD, generalized anxiety
disorder...im on lexapro...if anyone knows about this or
has it then talk to me about it so i can get a better
understanding of it...GAD doesnt make someone GLAD...(dumb
little joke, eh?)
Well, i don't know what else to write, so i will write
again later...and if i ever find that song again, ill put
that in my diary also. :) bye

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