Crazy Girl

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2002-12-23 16:59:13 (UTC)

Christmas is in two days!..

Christmas is in two days! Wow, it has come up really really
fast. Ireally dont like this holiday though. I really dont
know why but it is just superficial now. I am going to
Corr's house tomorrow for a little christmas thing so me
and his family can exchange gifts. It is really kewl. I
guess I do like this holiday sometimes. And today I am
going over there to help his mom with wrapping presents. I
am fine doing that because I get to spend some time with my
On a more sad note, I am very much getting sick. My throat
hurts and the nose is clogged! (lol)
I dont understand people sometimes, but I guess they dont
understand me either. I dont understand Heather. I really
dont know what it is exactly about it that I dont
understand. I guess I dont understand why she can be so
harsh and bitchy! I am too, I completly understand a
little, but sometimes I dont know. She acts as though I did
something terrible to her and so she treats me like crap.
Like her friend emails me this terrible email... and I
didnt do shit to her friend. I can understand that Heather
is making some really good friends, and I am very happy for
her because she is just a very likable person. So I know
why this Amanda girl would like her. She is a good friend.
I guess it is just stupid to think she would have been
friends with me forever... I always thought that was true
sometimes, and now I know it isnt because well I dont know.
Because we fought sometimes?! Who knows, only she does.
I know I just blabbed and blabbed my business everywhere.
So I will let everyone go. Have a great Christmas.