CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-02 04:11:36 (UTC)

New Guy

Ok there are 2 Codys I know. One is an ex boyfriend thats
Cody S. and the other is a good friend I'm starting to like
and thats Cody F. I'll start out by telling u everything
about Cody S......We met at the skating rink one night we
went to the same school he was in 8th grade and I was in
7th but we had just never talked before.... Well after that
night I started seein him around school then we started
callin each other on the phone and I was like obsessed with
him and I really wanted to go out with him! Like a couple
weeks later on the phone he asked me out. I was like yea
well then school was almost over and there was the end of
the school year dance and we both went and that night we
were there talking in this corner and he was like something
like r glad were going out? it wasn't exactly that but
something like it and I was like yea why r u? and he goes I
dunno and i was like what do u mean i dunno? and hes like I
dunno I think we should just be friends but I'll still call
u and everything. I was just in shock! I couldn't say
anything and then my friend Amanda came over and was like
come on dance with me and right in front of her I just
started bawling and she was like he didn't! I was was
shakin my head yes and all these people I didn't even know
were coming up 2 me giving me hugs and of course after that
night Cody never called! We didn't talk a while after that
night till sometime in the middle of my 8th grade year....
and then we started talking on the phone again and then he
asked me out again then he stupid grandpa had to go die and
Cody was all sad and so he was like I think I need some
space for now and again he broke up with me a few weeks
after that we started doing stuff again together. But never
ended up going out and sorta lost touch we'll now its 9th
and I see him all the time in the halls and everything!
We've started talking again and I think I like him again
but then I don't think I do. He sometimes scares me like
he'll just sit there and stare at u its creepy! So I dunno
what going on there I guess u could say were just friends.
Well then there is Cody F. he's a good friend we don't like
talk all the time or anything but hes nice and I dunno...
we met about in 6th grade and sometime during 7th grade he
told me he liked me and I dunno then Alan said he liked me
and Phil said he liked me and at that time I didn't like
any of them. They were just friends and I hate it when guys
ruin the friendship by saying something like that cuz then
u get all nervous around them and u can't think of anything
to talk about. But we and Cody F. have started talking alot
more and tonight we went 2 the movies together. We didn't
go anything but watch the movie and talk some but I dunno I
kinda think hes cute.... Hes got pretty eyes... hes a sweet
guy but then I dunno if really like him or not? Does he
like me?? I dunno that either he is the one that asked me
to the movies tognight... I dunno I guess I'll just have to
find out and write back.....