My Life Story
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2001-09-02 04:06:13 (UTC)

The hills are alive....

Tonight was hilarious!! I went to my friend's house and
hung out all night. There were 7 of us there. We sat
around, ate pizza, talked, played The Game of Knowledge,
and then starting singing random Sound of Music songs. We
got into some really funny convos, but the best thing had
to have been when one of my friends was trying to
sing "Maria" (from the Sound of Music) but she forgot the
words so she was just making up random stuff and she
unintentionally said "twiddly bitch"!!! We all could not
stop laughing!! My friends all kept making fun of me cause
I couldn't talk. And it was torture for me when they all
started singing cause singing is my life, but i can't do it
right now!! It's so sad... Anyways, enough of about my
stupid throat. Well, right now I'm supposed to be staying
awake so I can take care of my dad. My mom and I are kinda
sleeping in shifts. We don't want to leave him alone or
anything cause he can't move on his own. He's been laying
in bed all day and we've had to lift him out of bed just so
he can go to the bathroom and everything. I went to the
store today and had to buy him a walker. I get such a
weird feeling seeing my 42 year old father having to use a
walker to get around. That's just not right. He's not old
enough for something like that!

We have a 3 day weekend this weekend (hmm...kind of
redundant there...) and it's really sad cause chances are
I'll end up spending most of those three days just sitting
at home with my parents. I really need a life! Well, having
said that...I think I'm gonna go look for something to do.

~Daria :)

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