A Dream Gurlz Life
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2001-09-02 03:34:22 (UTC)

Cant I have one Great Day??

Well today hasnt been a better day. I was excited cuz i was
supposed to go to the movies with this guy Joe today. Like
I got my mom to agree to let me go and everything, then my
friend Lori that I was supposed to go to six flags with
cancelled on me, well actually just ditched me for this
other gurl. Then she was supposed to go to the movies me
with me and Joe, changed her mind and all. But I'm not mad
at her.Cuz for one shes like my best friend. Ahhh I'm just
going out of my mind. All I've done today was sit in my
house, and I go out of my mind when I dont get out of the
house! And on top of that i'm trying to finish my essay for
history class, well actually I'm starting it.....You know
what I've figured out?? I get to attached to my guy
friends. Thats why I'm always getting hurt, like with this
whole thing w/my friend Derrick, and now hes goin on and on
about his ex that he might ask back out and then he turns
around and says he loves me and all, for one its all mixed
signals and grrr I get to attached I have to stop! I always
set myself up to get hurt!
GREAT! My friend that i was talking aobut before, I think
shes really mad at me. She was just telling me about her
day and all and I didnt answer her and she just snet me
this long message. She thinks I'm mad at her for not going
to the movies w/me or something, but I think she thinks
that cuz I didnt answer her. NOw she sounds relaly mad at
me! the only reason i didnt answer her cuz i'm trying to do
this stupid essay thing! great! I wish I could just go
somewhere far away and stay tehre from awhile. Get away
from everything and be able to straighten out all my
thoughts! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!