~ Ophelia ~
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2002-12-23 07:59:48 (UTC)

:: The happenings of the "Week End" ::

The day I wish I could reply would have to be the day
Jorge, Bobby, Ashley, and I went to see "The Ring" The
best Horror flick that has come out since "Night of The
Living Dead" (The best Horror flicks ever made.)

It was a spere of the moment type thing. Ashley had
suggested it. So I thought about pick up Jorge and it was
a double date. Ashley had Bobby and I had Jorge. It was
great! I liked it because it gave me and Jorge to have
some romantic time together.

The only part that sucked was that Bobby was right next
to us, and seeing how he is my cousin and almost like a
brother to me it would have too weird for me to hadle.
Because I would probably have been wondering if he was
looking or not.

I really would like to spend more time with Jorge, but he
would rather spend it with Bobby or with Sam and them. He
has been in town for like a month now and yet I have like
only seen him like maybe 5 times at my house. And like
only 2 of them was he even alone.

When me and Jorge talk we talk about the most crazyest
thing that has happened that day. And when we talk for
that long we learn more about each other. I am really
hoping that he will ask me out soon because if he doesn't
then I might just have to start looking for some else. I
am tired of the wait and I am also I starting to lose
interest. Which I never thought would happen, but actually
has started too.

I am kind of afraid that Jorge moves back home that he
will either have to move because of no job or will call me
every night at the wrong time seeing as how I have gotten
into a swing of things with have a full nights rest. And
if I stop talking on the phone with him then he will think
I don't really want to talk to him anymore.

And then he will find someone else to be close with. I
just hope it isn't Heather. Not that there is anything
wrong with her I just think that I am much better for him
than her. I really wish I would have gotten to tell Sam
and them Happy Holidays or something. That kind of sucks
that everyone else had fun over there last night and I
didn't get too...

But always like me I am the good girl that never does
anything bad. I wish I had the bravery to sneek out of the
house, but I don't and that's ok. I just can't wait 'til
this summer when I get a job. I really need the money.
And I am willing to do almost anything to get some.

Oh yea and recently Beau has asked me if I would like to
be 430. I almost cried. It is like a gracious honor to be
asked that. And him giving me Kurt Cobain's Biography was the best
present ever. OMG!

That is the most precious thing ever giving to me. I mean
when he told me that I just kind of wanted to cry it was

I know he will make it far. He is a really sweet loving
great guy.

Along with pretty much all my other guy friends. That's
what kind of sucks about having really nice guy friends.
They are almost like family to you so you can't date them
or anything. Because you wouldn't want to ruin the
friendship by dating.

I really do love Jorge a lot though. I just wish he
would get all his shit straight so I wont have to worry
about supporting him when I turn 18 and move out of the
house on my own. Sometimes Jorge is just so lazy. I hate
seeing that side of him. And when he bitches and he really
has no room to bitch because he is living in another
persons house for free. He is always complaining to Bobby
when Bobby asks for some of his food when everytime Bobby
eats he gets Jorge something because if he doesn't then
Jorge will bitch 'til the cows come home.

Ok well that is enough bitching for one session.

Check in later for updates on my pathetic life.



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