Reality Bites
2002-12-23 07:35:44 (UTC)

Am I really feeling what I think I am?

I haven't talked to Luke in 5 days...that's an unusually
long time for us, but I'm unusually fine. I dunno...I think
it's a relief in a way b/c I hate worrying about if he's
happy, or how the conversation is going to go, or why he
can never come and see me, or why he has to be a jerk so
much of the time....So maybe a break is necissary...but
I've felt this way before and it hasn't stopped me from
missing him. I dont. Not even a little, and it scares me.
Could I be getting over him? If I am, it's his own fault. I
wish I believed that. I know better. I kinda have been
having feelings for someone else...I'm trying not to, but I He's so nice and treats me already 100% better
than Luke, but he's not Luke...but it's the first time I've
actually felt something for another guy in a long time.
It's scaring the shit out of me...I'm almost positive this
guy likes me alot too...oh wow...a little help?