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2002-12-23 07:28:08 (UTC)

Thank you Jesus

yah yah..its been a while again and thank GOD I still got
an extra net hours at home to do this :)

its been really a while since I have record another chapter
of my life and what happened this day must be noted :)

i got the chance to talk with my dad personally as in heart
to heart talk of a daughter to father...and im so glad to
experienced it today with him...and take note that we have
a very special guest....its HIM....Jesus..

you father and i have not been into this kind
of "talk" and i believe that it's about time that we do
this...he got lots of problem in his work where every
aspect of his life is already affected..and I believe God
has given me the will and the knowledge to talk to him
already. I confessed all my testimonies about God and let
him know about HIS mighty works in my life. Just before I
see my dad, I kept on praying to God that He would guide me
in every words that would come out from my mouth...
whew..this is really amazing! And Im so happy..and
thankful...may the Lord God continue to touch my dad's
heart as He touched mine..

Now let me recall some relevant happenings of my life aside
from this...hmmm..aha! there...I joined another outreach
program...this time with my HS barkada and we conduct
outreach in Orthopedic...with disable children of around
15. We contributed 500 bucks and bought them some food and
conduct a Christmas Party for them. At the same time, it
was our Christmas party at the Children's church, this is
really awesome..I feel like Im a I love kids!

Well..ofcourse the "shopping" thingy is always
see..Christmas is just around the corner and I did some
shopping for the gifts...u know...

nah..this is too long na and im too tired na rin so I
guess...ill end this up na.

til next time...


3:30 PM

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