Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-12-23 07:08:40 (UTC)

countdown day 9

only a few more ta go, and then it's well, a new year...

I spent the day at home with the parental unit, that was fun..
sorta like getting a hammer slammed against your head
repeatedly until you're mush..

lamented about my financial situation... a couple of days ago ,
some moron drug dealer left a bag with $91,000 at a table in
a mall...

I wish I'd been the one to find it... would've set up sho and
lived the high life for at least a year... no bills, no stress...


I mean, I think I am damned smart, why the fuck can't I get it


well, resolution number 9...

stay at current job until may... that would set an all new
record for job staying at... 9 months, as opposed to the usual
8 months, quit and find something else... :)

also, try to get a part time weekend job, so I actually can have

that would be nice...

stay tuned... countdown number eight coming soon...

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