dressed to kill
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2001-09-02 02:21:14 (UTC)

How does NFG seem to kno exactly what i am thinking?

what a stupid day! i mean as if it hadn't started off bad
my dad and I fought all day but whatever. He paid for me to
get my ear peirced again so i can't complain (that makes 6
holes in my ear, one in my eyebrow, one im my belly button
& a tattoo! hehe). i'm still not done with my body mods!
i'll have my piercings when i'm 90! haha i'm such a lil
punk! anyway. i had to work and it was soooo boring! i mean
there were like no customers! but i got paid to do nuthin
so i can't complain. haha. i kinda wonder if chris is mad
at me or sumthin cuz he normally talks to me when he's
online but he didn't tonite. whatever. i saw him when i
got my ear peirced. it hurt worse than my eyebrow too!
thats cuz certain parts of your ear are the most painful
part of your body to get peirced. haha i spend too much
time on BME. lol. agghhh! i really wanna talk to chris. oh
well. i am listening to New Found Glory (as always) and i
wonder how they know exactly what i am thinking. i mean in
the song "hit or miss" there is one line that goes "have i
waited to long to see you" and then "i've found so many
chances. i turned my back and i ran away." its like they
know my situation or something. i dunno but NFG is
definatly what keeps me sane. i mean i kno they are just a
band but they mean so much to me. i mean their music helps
me deal with all the stupid shit that happens ya know. ok
maybe you don't but still. i dunno i am tired and my ear
hurts so i am gettin offline unless chris gets on.