Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-12-23 05:07:58 (UTC)

Poem - "One More Time Again"

I wrote this as a song, but I guess it works as a poem too.

I’ve been hanging around this place
For the past six months or more,
What I think that I might find
I’ve never been too sure,
And though I’m living better
Than I was before I came,
Something’s missing from these nights,
Something’s not the same,
But I remember that old smoke-filled room
Where we’d lock our sorrows in,
What I wouldn’t give to be there with you
Just one more time again.

I still go through the motions now,
Maybe better than before,
But it all just seems so empty now,
I don’t feel it anymore,
I hear those sad old songs again,
Once more their echoes ring,
Can’t help but think we had it made
When we didn’t have a thing,
And when I heard those melodies
It all comes flooding in,
I’d die to hear you play those songs
Just one more time again.

I’ll be coming back your way,
There’s nothing here for me,
I’d like to see you even though
Things aren’t what they used to be,
I feel so much better now
And I hear you’re doing fine,
If you can find your old guitar
You know that I’ve got mine,
Yes I’d like to come and see you
And hear where you have been,
Maybe lock the door and strike a tune
Just one more time again.

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