2001-09-02 02:15:53 (UTC)

And The Beat Goes On...

I dunno how I feel anymore. I dunno who cares. It's tiring,
wishing someone'd care how you feel. Wishing they'd
understand how you comprehend things. How you hear and see
things. It's annoying when they tell you to stop when you
can't. When it's a normal thing to have something click
quickly and have an over-sensitive activity.
I'm breking up with Ayr. It's just not fair to subject
myself to this much restraint. It's not fair to have a
boyfriend that's never around when I can have one that's
around a lot. So now I have to make the desicion. It's
made. It's done. That's it. Now I need to talk to him...
Now I'm in Bobby's lap..Hm...I'mma go...Buh-Byez~Hopie