All in the Night
2001-09-02 02:15:00 (UTC)

i'm tired

well, yesterday was a pretty exciting day (for the most
part), and to make a long day short, here's what happened:
school, home, swimming, haircuts, west game(bored to death)
and bed. But anyways i dont' know if i'm getting sick or
what, but i went to bed at 12 last night and slept until
9:30 this morning....a good 9 hours of sleep. Well, i got
up and ate breakfast and showered and then i was so
fatigued i just felt like i couldn't move so i layed back
down. i layed there unilt about 11 and then put on my
clothes and then i was STILL tired so i layed back down
until time for work. I just dragged around there all day
(i mean i worked my butt off but i was still draggy) agh,
now that i'm home i don't feel like i can move, i'm going
to bed as soon as a finish this. ohh yeah, i'm doing
something with Chad tomorrow!