Life as I know it.
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2001-09-02 02:14:48 (UTC)

You say its your birthday?

well its my birthday too yeah.

So I went shopping today and all that, spend three hundred
dollars just on bras...ahhhhhh such a shopping addict.
Supposed to go out with Kristin and Heahter tonight, but of
course heather backed out cause GASP she might have fun.
She pisses me off, she never wants to do anything and this
is my birthday and she was making up all kinds of excuses
and that shit, pisses me off. So its just me and Kristin
going out, we have to take the bus cause 1. Kristin lost
her car keys and 2. we're drinking and its safer that
way. So hopefully this birthday was like my 21st where i
had tons of fun. Going to a new club (not new but new to
us) tonight so hopefully that is fun. And Probably im
gonna sleep with Matt tonight, dont roll your eyes, i want
sex and hey, its my birthday i can do whatever i want.
Damn skippy bitch. Updates later on what the dealio was.