Kaleigh's Journal
2001-09-02 02:11:50 (UTC)

Haven't posted in a few days

I just got back from Lake Mead with my family. BORING. It
was at this little secluded area of the lake and there was
no one else there. We took the camper and the guys (my dad
and his friends) trashed it last nite. It's disgusting and
smells like Captain Morgan's (sp?). Oh well. Anyways,
giving you an updated about the guy I like. We'll just call
him Bob from now on. Well, my mom saw me writing that last
entry. And she knew exactly who I was talking about. I
don't know how she did. I guess it's one of those weird ESP
things mom's can do. NE way, I get to see him tomorrow at
my dad's friends house. I'll give you an update tomorrow if
I can remember. But right now I've got to go finish
checking my mail. c ya