2002-12-23 04:07:02 (UTC)

I hate shopping

I never thought that I would admit it or even come to the
fact that I hate shopping. I mean...I love clothes, I love
shoes, I love spending my hard earned money...but I hate
shopping. Wish I could say that I was done with it...but
we all know that I am far from graduating from that 12th
step in Shoppers Anonomous ( I hope I spelled that right).
What I hate most about shopping is the other people. Now
if I could get the mall to open for say an hour just for me
then I so would not hate to shop anymore. But I hate
people who just stop right in front of you, who are in the
checkout line and forget that they need money, who take
forever in the fitting room. I mean, I know that I am not
perfect but I do know that since I am the shopping queen
that when I am walking before I stop I should make sure
someone is not right behind me, that when I get to buy my
stuff my card or cash is ready, and that I obey the only 3
items for the dressing room. I wish I had a stick and
could just beat those dumb people. I think if that were
the case I would be serving a massive jail term for
the "Mall Beating Madness."
Christmas is only a few days away. Oh joy! I finished my
shopping and am almost done with the wrapping and all for that I can run around Wednesday with my head
chopped off. I need like a month vacation after
Well, I am out of here...have something to do I am sure.