jon's babie forever
2001-09-02 01:39:01 (UTC)

Summer's End

I went to Summer's End today. I didn't have to work after
all. My mom had enough employees to where she didn't really
need me. Well, of course all this time Jon was on my mind
and I was anxious to go find him.

After a while when I had nothing to do, my dad and I walked
around the block party two times looking for Jon, and
that's three blocks long! There was no sign of Jon, and I
wasn't sure what he was wearing or sure if he showed up at

I gave up for a little while and hung out with my friend
Shaula, even though I occasionally scanned the group for a
familiar cute boy. When it got really hot outside my
friends and I went inside to cool down, and guess who
walked in the door! Jon in one of those bright yellow Event
Staff shirts! I immediately kicked into shy and hyper mode
but I never said anything to him because I was with my
group of girls and he was with his group of guys. After a
few minutes I watched him go back to the Zone he worked in
before I went in the same direction.

I figured it would be pretty easy to find him when I knew
what Zone he worked in. And since he was wearing the bright
Event Staff shirt it was easy to spot him having fun with
Shanna, his girlfriend.

I never talked to him for the rest of that time. I could
not work up any courage to even say hi to him while Shanna
was around. So, like my dad said, "This battle may be lost,
but the war is not over."