My World of Laurel
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2001-09-02 01:38:51 (UTC)

She's my life..........................

Well, my name is HEath Casselman. I am 15 years old.
My girlfriend/wife is Laurel Casselman. She is the most
important person in my life. How we got together is sorta
like a movie.

It all started when my friend Dee and I got back from
religion camp. It was a blast!!!! Church sux sometimes, but
this was awesome!!!!!!!! Anwayz. After we got back, i
stayed at his house for the week. (we got home on saturday)
He and I were riding around town trying to pick up girls,
thinking it was all just a game. We went from house to
house, a lot of which weren't home. That turned out to be
good. The day was going by and we were getting tired. On
the way home, he suddenly remembered an old friend of his.
We stopped by for a quick visit. When she opened the door,
it was like heaven was slapping me in the face. She was so
beautiful!!!!!!!! Besides the fact that she had just gotten
out the shower and was in her mom's rode (who's a lot
smalled than she is), she was the most beautiful thing on
the face of the earth.

At first site, she didn't recognize Dee. But every
time she looked at me, she had the biggest smile on her
face. Not the type of smile when someone has a booger in
there nose or anything. It was as if she couldn't keep her
eyes off me. We sayed hello and asked to go in. She said
she wasn't quite ready for visitors yet, but to come back
in half an hour. So, like a geek, I set my watch. We rode

At EXACTLY half an hour from when we left, we were
back at her door. She let us in. We all sat down in the
living room and talked for a while. I got tired of being
nervous, so i just let go. I sat next to her and laid it
on, nice and thick but indirectly, that i wanted her. I
could tell that she wanted to slap the crap out of me, but
I didn't care anymore. I figured out a way to get her to go
into the kitchen. I WAS HUNGRY. Great, we were alone.
Moment of truth. I cooly led her into the corner of the
room. I realized she was scared, so I tried to make her a
lil more comfortable for her. I led her into the utility
room. ::: hehehe ::: I turned out the lights, and we kissed.

Later, we left. I didn't want to go. I didn't want to
have the only chance of a life-long relationship just slip
out from between my fingers. We got a little ways down the
road. I stopped. I told Dee that i left my wallet. This is
the movie part.....

I went back for one last kiss. I knew it was a slim
chance, but....... I opened the door and walked in. She was
standing there. I walked up to her, and gave one, last,
long kiss. We have been together for 13 months and 25 days.

If i wouldn't have gone back, I never would have had a
chance. We would have forgoten about each other. When you
find something ginuine, hold onto it and NEVER let it go.
It may be your only chance for happiness.

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