2002-12-23 03:43:25 (UTC)


Hey whoever is reading this. Suddenly out of no where I got the
urdge to share my feelings about nothing and everything to noone
and at the same time everyone. B/c this thing is public..so
get it..k there's really nuthing to get but it sounded cool
in my head. Ok don't ask. Well I'm going to start this one
off by telling you, whoever you are reading this, a little
about myself. To start off...I'm a teen girl who lives in Florida. I
hate it want to go back to New York. Well I don't hate it, I
jsut desparately miss New York. My friends here are
cool....most of the time. They take their turns hating me
for no particular reason..well at least the girls do.
That's another thing about me...i hate girls. For the most
part. I mean yeah their awesome at times..but sumtimes ur
wonder are they worth all the stupid bullshyt drama that
comes with them. I'm sure u can relate. I'm very eccentric.
You know what I just realized...I can't think of anything
else to explain about myself...so either I'm very boring or
I need to take time and analyze myself. I hope it's answer
number two. B/c I'de rather not be boring.Well I think
that's gunna be enough for now. Stay tuned I'll either
write 290472348 times a day or like 12 times a
month..depending on how motivated I am during those time

By the way...the names Crystina.

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