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2001-09-02 01:28:53 (UTC)

i guess some peeps do understand me

I guess some peeps do understand me thanx for letting me
know that jacob... yeah well me and jacob r back together
we worked things out and he understnds how i feel and what
i am goin through but when he asked me back out i said yeah
ok i am just gonna need some space cause i am still
confused about some stuff yeah well i hope ashley and david
arnt mad at me cause earlyer it seemed like they were but i
dunno i just hope they r not cause they r both my best
friends and i dont want them mad at me... but yeah my night
has gone better already.. so thats good yeah well i guess
ill go for now and i wanna say earlyer when i wrote my
entry dont pay attention to it i was upset then and i am
not nemore!!! well g2g ok bye luv yall lotz....

Kim Golden