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2001-09-02 01:24:07 (UTC)

working it out

well monday I packed up and was getting ready to leave went
and got some help with the money I would need. came home he
tried to get me to stay and I really stuck to my my guns
all night then the next day he came home from work and I
lost it I caved so now were going to try are best to work
things out do I think it will work not sure I hoping it
does but I'll never know unless I give it my all. I avoided
my mom for pretty much of the day thinking if I told her
she would be dissappointed in me not that were close or
anything but we all know how it feels when we think that I
know deep down in my heart I love him and all but there's
been alot of heartache there to not sure if I can't take
much more of that. but never know unless I try well good
day and good night and may all your ups and downs be
between the sheets!