pollen makes me sneeze
2001-09-02 01:23:57 (UTC)

father's day [hip hip hooray]

there is a big difference between sexii and slutty.
i was just thinking about that yesterday. i remember a
couple of weeks ago i was having this conversation with
natasha in IT when we were doing the slide shows and tash
was doing it on mya and i told her that one of the pictures
she had was slutty and she shouldn't put it on and tash
said "it's not slutty, she looks sexy."
this conversation suddenley popped up while i was at k-mart
yesterday buying dad a father's day present.
i have no idea why.
maybe it's because i brought "bootylicious" as well and i
was trying to decide whether michelle was looking slutty or
sexy on the cover.
i decided she looked more sexy.
mariah carey defintely looks more slutty.
but anyway.
today is father's day and dad really loved my present.
unless he was pretending which is not a very nice thought
but it's very likely of course.
destiny's child rocks.


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