Just me
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2002-12-23 02:30:07 (UTC)

my first entry...First time with an online Diary. :)

well today was pretty dull...I didnt have to work and i
practically slept all day. Sounds like fun huh? tomorrow i
gotta wake up early to be to work for 7am...that really
blows. They even got me working christmas eve! how rude! Oh
well i geuss thats life.. Anyways...Lifes been pretty rough
lately...My father and brother both lost their jobs...Right
before xmas...what a good time to lose everything huh? i
think its still gonna be alright tho...Because theirs still
many gifts under the tree...I dont really care tho..I just
want my family to be happy..I know someday that something
good will hit my family and we wont have to suffer anymore.
Not much good happens in this family and we are nothing but
good to our community..Why cant we be rewarded? Well this
is the first entry i ever make and i hope i have time to
keep putting something in..I hope ppl respond to it too..I
think this is pretty cool! ttyl ppl! OH YEAH! Merry
Christmas! *winks*

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