Lost and Searching
2002-12-23 01:45:28 (UTC)

I have done it

well whats to tell, i have put her behind me, and will
never go down that road again, which is easier said than still feeling out of sorts, like not sure where
i fit in anymore....sun come up, sun goes down, and i still
feel like i am lost and running around town with my head
chopped off.....when i think i have something straight for
me, i get turned upside down again, and seem to lose
whatever step forward i had times a million....i keep
trying to wade through the murkey water but more and more
it is seemingly eaiser to just let the current take me
away..i know its the easy way out but not sure if i have
the strength to keep on going at the rate i am going...i
feel like i can love much better if i am out of this body
and totally around everyone, but then that way out would be
to easy and i am not used to doing the easy so far so why
start now...