sex sells, and (unfortunately) i like it
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2002-12-23 01:23:57 (UTC)


ahhhhhhhhhh last night was the best eve!!!!!!!!!!! i saw
piebald adn i met travis!!!!!! o man it was sooooo great.
we got lost on the way down adn then almost didnt get in.
but the we bought tickets off soem people outside!!!!! it
was so exciting!!! o man it was great. i think i am going
to take piano next semester with me friend jesse lol it wil
be cool i guess. better than study hall. my sister was
telling me yeaterday that she wants me to start smokign pot
with her on the way to school... i dotn knwo if i want to,
i ould feel weird doing it with her, but i think i will.
ahhpebald!!! YAY!!!

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