Rollercoaster World
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2001-09-02 00:42:20 (UTC)


Danny picked me up this morning to go and have breakfast
with him and his mom. I was suprised he wanted me to be
there. I mean, that is his mom. I think he wants him mom
to think that he's over Sandy. I honestly don't think he
is, but ya know, what can I do? Anyways, I think it went
well. His mom and I talked a lot more then we did the past
two times I saw her. She's funny and nice. Her voice
makes her sound's like a good way.
She doesn't seem at all like Danny said she was. I don't
know. But anyways, he hooked up a stereo and speakers for
her. A gift from him. She sounded like she enjoyed it.
But we went to Spires for breakfast. I had something small
again and once again I was ridiculed by Danny. I think he
thinks it's funny to call me anorexic. Whatever. But he
kissed me goodbye, suprisingly...but his hug was more
friendly. I don't know. So he calls me and is all
like...I'm gonna pick you up at 8. We are gonna go to
Kim's to eat first...wink, wink...haha.