Angel Silver Rose

Tears Of A Silver Rose
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2002-12-23 00:40:32 (UTC)

Talking With the One that I love

Last night I was talking to Pat. There were a few things
that I had to get off of my chest We are meeting face to
face. He is so loveing to me he is like a dream I can not
ask for anyone better. As of today I have not been doing
anything I seen Lieo and Stich that is a very cute movie.
Some time in this up comeing week I get to see the two
towers I can not wate I am going in garb to it. In guarb
means dressing up for it. I hope that I do not get to cold.

For feet of snow and I can not do anything to it. I hate
haveing a broken foot *sighs* I hope that I get to get out
of the bell boot soon. I will never ever brake a bone
again it is t o painfull. I do not like pain. Oh and I am
getting mu PS2 tomorrow. *chears* I am going to play FF8 I
miss that game. ^^ One of my fav FF's. Well that is about
it for now I shall do more and put it here till then buh