My life
2002-12-22 23:56:41 (UTC)

*Todd and Will*

This weekend has been pretty good. Thursday i had Alyx,
Lauryn, rissa and Brittany over. We went and got Marissas
belly botton pierced, it was funny. And then friday i went
to marissas for her bday. It was Okay, i feel asleep on her
bed and brant came in wanting to do shit, i was like NO! im
so proud of myself!!!! Then we went skating and he was all
over christina warren.Then that night brant and them came
over and we hooked up. But nothin big! saturday was
marissa's bday, it was kinda gay bc we just chilled at him.
Ok i started to like krueger again, i dont know why. I was
talking to him and it just kinda happened. Liza said that i
was an 'inconsiderate bitch" watever, katie does this
stupid shit to everyone, she like wants guys to want her so
bad and when they finally like her a lot she drops them and
expects them to want her and NOONE else!! Its bullshit, i
hate her!! Saturday night i was with krueger and like he
always pecks me and i love it! i dont know, it hink i just
find comfort in him. Because he treats me so much better
than brant does. But I love brant so much!!! Alyx stayed
the night w/ me on Saturday. She is like my best friend
now, i have so much fun wit her. I can act stupid aroudn
her. Heath Jimmy Wally and this other kid i didnt no kept
coming over till 3 or 4 and wouldnt stop! they gave us
condoms bc alyx thinks they are the prettiest things ever!
its so funny!! she put one on her hand i was tasting it.
OMG I freaked out!!!!!!!! then today (sunday) we went ot my
grandparents and then brant n chris came by. Nothing
happened, brants being so mean to me. I dont do nethign to
him, he spit like on me and i was like"hey do i look like
trash to you?" and he was like "um ya" thats just mean!
Chris was telling me how on Saturdya night they were fucked
up and brant kept talking about how he wanted to come to my
house and fuck me. I wouldnt have, alyx wants me to, i
swear she is a freak in her waiting to come out!!! its so
funny!! she likes jansen alot, he is will and brant is
todd! its funny!!! but i gotta go,