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2002-12-22 23:36:07 (UTC)

The Adventures of one black guy and a spice girls hat

this weekend rocked! well...sort of..on friday it was
raiing so we were planning on having our two LA shows
canceled cause they were both outdoors..but then cindy
calls us at 1:30 telling us they were both still on, so we
leave school right then, pack up the stuff and hit the
road in Dean's suburban and johnny's explorer. it was fun
driving, we had some good laughs and all of us were really
getting along..then we were about 10 minutes from where
the show was and cindy calls us "yeah guys...the show is
canceled.." WE WERE PISSED. so we go to the park and try
to go skate but its closed cause its wet and so we talk
about what to do. we decide to drive to my dads and sleep
there for the night. we get there and meet his new
girlfriend beverly, who is really nice. we get some
movies, some cigars, and some cloves and play poker and
watch movies and play fuse ball all night. it was soo
rad..johnny even smoked too. the next day we wake up,
about to leave for the next show, and cindy calls
us.. "yeah, this show is canceled too" FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!
but its okay because she gets us a show that night
a "club".. we leave around 1 and get to LA at about
3:00..find the club, and its a tiny little coffee shop, no
stage or anything. it was exactly like the lompoc show.
then we go to a big mall and try to promote th e
show.obviously we didnt do a good job because NO ONE
showed up at all
literally, all we played to was dean, nels and some black
guy who came and rapped for us. we are turning into spinal
tap hahaha.. anyways, we drove home after the show, and
now im here, tired, and wanting a girlfriend...well, i
think i do...anyways, im talking to lacy right now so ill
get back to that.. peace out yo!

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