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2001-09-02 00:11:36 (UTC)

Another day

today is... saturday, i'm sleeping with boredom, and my mum
is reluctant to take me to the supermarket to buy non-
outrageous makeup or my pencil case... so, i'm here
thinking bout what happened in the week.
i didnt write for a looooooooong time, coz i was really
busy with school stuff. but lots of things happened. First
of all, i'll start with one of the best parts of yesterday.
we were almost leaving school, so i was picking up my stuff
from the table, so suddenly Ruben says:
Ruben: Hannah!
Hannah: yes?
Ruben: i just had to tell you that you're gorgeous
Hanah: whoa. thanx!
OMG! i couldnt believe it! i just luved that particular
moment. The frustrating part of the day was... ahem...
really frustrating because we had to do for homework this
collage about us, y'a know, what we like, what we dont like
etc. so suddenly, i had to go to the front (that means:
presenting it to all the lads and gals, including Claudio)
and, i'm a really nervous person, so i stood up and started
trembling, i could feel my face turning red! "er.... hi...
my name is Hannah, i like Five, Friends, Manchester
United... OMG, i'm trembling... David Beckham... " so i
couldnt stand it and finished it quickly and went off to my
seat, and i started moaning like "oh.. no" blah blah blah,
so suddenly Fernanda hugged me and started telling me
like: "dont worry, its over, you did it just fine, its ok
now..." it felt really nice, i feel like if i had never had
that kind of love and support from friends. for example my
ex-best friend Mary, she's my cousin, she's aparently full
of envy towards me, and that's when it really hit me: she
cant stand the fact that i have new friends, that i'm
happy, that i love my school, and some lads in my classroom
like me! i mean... a few days ago i felt like if she really
cared about me, and i told her: "well, Claudio might
consider asking me out" and she said "really? the same
thing happened to me" then the next day i said: "he hasn't
asked me out yet, coz he's afraid i might say no" and she
said "omg, the same thing happened to me, but yesterday" i
mean... thats obviously not true, thats pathetic, that she
has to do everything that happens to me, but before! well,
ive got news for ya mate! that happened to me a year before
you! then i was telling her on thursday: "well, guess what?
some lads like me!" and she asked me "since when that
happens?" and i said "yes! johan, Claudio, Ruben, Juan Jose
and Luis like me!" and after that she started acting really
nasty to me, after that. so not fair, can't she be happy
for me, just once? and accept the fact that ive got my own
life? that it can change? that i have new friends? and that
i dont depend on her?!
sorry, if i bored you with my life