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2001-09-01 22:50:07 (UTC)

The whole country is the same

I've just been on quite long journey, (hence no diary for a
couple of days) and I've come to the conclusion that the
whole counrty is the same. There are millions of people
with shitty little lives living in shitty little (or big)
towns and cities. They all wander around living their
lives, having their own dramas and template shaped lives.
What marks any of the country "a good place to live"?
Should I just make the best of where ever I move to, make
new friends and do new things? You know, just try and get
along like everyone else. I want it to be exceptional. I
want. That phrase makes me sound like a petulant child,
but it's true. I don't want "good enough", I want
fantastic, great, the best I can get. Knowing that though,
means that I can't sit still and think that because I like
it where I am I should stay in a life unchanged. Maybe
this is just part of some kind of deep rooted fear of
change. I think just about everybody is scared of change,
even those who face change every day have got into a habit
of changing. If that makes sense. I'm not really a
perfectionist, so should I be so worried about how life
turns out? I don't think I'm gonna figure anything else
out right now, frankly I just want to go to bed. Old age
creeping up on me or something....

Listening to Ani Difranco