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2002-12-22 20:15:19 (UTC)

why my x friend is sometimes an asshole


why im writing this im just hella bored and i feel like
tired of riding my bike everywhere..i NEVER made anyone walk in
the fucking rain and if i saw someone i knew walking in the rain i
would fucking give them a ride if my car wasnt completely fucked
up cuz my breaks went out or some undisclosed reason..when i
offer someone a ride and they say no its ok i can walk i assume
they mean its ok i want to walk even when i say i can give them a
ride or if they have like3464374 other people they know that they
can get rides from..and its like someone has to focus on the 5
times i didnt give them a ride because i was tired or looking for
of my 12 missing cds..anyway try to fucking focus on the times i
waiting in the parking lot for like um hours for u to get outta class
and then let u drive like98% of the time even though it was like i
always felt like u didnt appreciate me..its like yeah im sure i didnt
have to be such a bitch about the missing cds and the whole car
alarm drama but at least i helped u..try walking up to some
girl or guy on the street ..and i d ont mean now cuz u know theyd be all
over u now .. and be like hey could i borrow 50$ to
pay for some shit a t school and then when she finds out u spent
on the H ..i think i was pretty accepting of a lot of shit that other
people would have nto accepting to begin the lame shit
with the thermostat at that house..i mean how the fuck lame was
that obviously she was looking for a reason but i dont know
whether u were doing it on purpose or what but it doesnt matter
she shouldnt of kicked me out for that..i guess it really upsets
cuz now ive seen so much ish that i am way more laid back
a lot of things ..almost everything..its like u could do anything i
care and i wouldnt bitch .everyhting EXCEPT cheat and flirt cuz
that like kinda makes me wanna break things and i dont have
much shit to break now that i broke all my thats like the
thing u do. the one thing i dont want u to do u do..and its like oh
well she made we walk in the rain so im gonna cheat when its
raining..thats not fair..theres things i dont want to say like how i
when i saw that u walked in the rain ..give me a chance to
dont just cheat everytime i fuck under a lot of stress..i try to
ignore the whispers and inuendo but it upsets me so im like
whatever i just dont want to know aobut it..dont make me listen to
its like fucking torture..just when i think its cool i hear some
whisper between
some girl that i don t even know and who obviously knows u
i not
supposed to get mad..its like it makes me think about in the
like jsut when u think its all good between us u walkin on me
some guy fucking just cuz all the shit u put me through now..i
wouldnt do that especially not if u were around to hear it..stop
making me explain myself im just as innocent as u ..or
whatever..anyway it does affect me..and i still dont know wtf were
waitng for can someone please tell me..dec jan feb
july?????could someone give me a month at least and not lie to
make me feel better that makes it worse..i cant stand that i still
u i want to forget about u but i cant especially when i am
reminded of u.and as far as getttng off u if u think im a bitch now
im probably
gonna be more of a bitch when i actually see u and just cuz i
havent fuct in
like forever doesnt mean im some desperate girl beggin to get
laid and im not
on u ..u get off the hell od i hear your voice everyhwere i
go can
someone please explain this to me*

as far as talking to some people in person that would be great
but forces apparently beyond my realm prevent me from actually
contacting people in any personable way other than typing and i
do believe that a lot is lost on a computer screen..its not up to
me they chose to avoid me and leave me a lone for an indefinite
period of time im not sure exactly what were waiting for..if youre
waiting for me to say its ok to fuck other people and then come
running back to me that will never happen and if u ever cheat on
me i will leave u like i did before so if thats not ok with u then
so just find someone else .u dont tell me what to do especially
since u dont listen to anything i say. i will never be ok with u
being with other people or anyone im with being with other
people so if thats not ok with u go find someone else because
theres so many people out sure u can find someone
else so leave me the fuck alone if u think u can cheat and ill not
do anything about it..i will never be played like that and i already
probably need to make up for all the times u cheated on me


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